Giraffe cafe

This is a cafe for giraffes in Wellington. I haven’t seen the menu but I expect it is dominated by acacia leaves. Keep stretching those necks!



Giraffes are everywhere

You just have to pay attention and keep your wits about you, such as they are.  Try to reach beyond your limitations.

Happy New Year from Geraldine

When you are a giraffe, every day is a cause for celebration.  For apes such as yourselves, a new year represents a time when you can aspire to grow your necks longer and develop more spots.

All the best department stores feature giraffes in their window displays and Kirks is a fine example.  I myself lived there for a time before I decided to take up residence with a couple of baboons I thought could benefit from my instruction.

Giraffes at Kirkcaldy & Staines, Wellington



Home of Harold

This is my friend, Harold, who lives in the Serengeti Berhampore.  You can see how handsome he is.  You could look like Harold one day, if you keep eating your acacia leaves.

Hello from Geraldine

Welcome.  I am an elegant and dignified pre-Lamarckian giraffe with a very long neck.  I look like this:

On this blog, I will share with you some of the many giraffes I have found around the Serengeti city of Wellington.  This will give you something to aspire to.

In the photograph above, you wil note the very strong resemblance between me (on the couch) and my elegant compatriots in the paintings.